A report on the sustainability of

We create value by providing a safe and empowering environment for our employees, being good stewards of our products and of shared natural resources, working as a force for good in the communities in which we operate, and delivering financial returns for our shareholders.

At PepsiCo, sustainability topics are integrated into, and not separate from, our business. The value of the sustainability reporting process is that it ensures organizations consider their impacts on these sustainability issues, and enables them to be transparent about the risks and opportunities they face.

We value diversity and inclusion because we believe each of our employees can make a unique contribution to our Company and the Tiffany brand. What can I do? How we work — the processes, procedures, and systems we use to realise our strategies and policies.

From the list of web browsersclick the browser you wish to upgrade. Grow sustainably, Thrive in a changing environment and Create opportunity. Stakeholders also play a crucial role in identifying these risks and opportunities for organizations, particularly those that are non-financial. Highlights from the sustainability performance in include: The Tiffany Save the Wild collection is just one example of our efforts to help create positive change in the areas we operate.

Sustainability We take our responsibilities to all our stakeholders seriously, and we constantly strive to ensure that our business is positioned to achieve goals that are not only important for us, but for society at large.

Stakeholders also play a crucial role in identifying these risks and opportunities for organizations, particularly those that are non-financial. We take our place in this new global landscape with a sense of pride in what we have accomplished and a belief in our ability to rise to the collective challenges that await us — including the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals Learn more about our Aqua Nutrition Sustainability Report.

What do I do if my operating system is not compatible? Our safety culture is strengthening. Explore and share ideas around the questions of "How Will We: These decisions are rarely based on financial information alone. Unfortunately, Duke Energy will not be able to assist you with your personal browser upgrade.

These decisions are rarely based on financial information alone. It is also an intrinsic element of integrated reporting ; a more recent development that combines the analysis of financial and non-financial performance.

At times, we do not share or agree with all of the views of each of our peers or associations. How do I upgrade my browser? History[ edit ] Corporate sustainability reporting has a history going back to environmental reporting. Duke Energy recommends the following browser versions to ensure continued secure use of Duke-energy.

Sustainability at GM

CO2 data assured at Reasonable Level The Sustainability Report is assured by an independent third-party assurance provider with a level of limited assurance. More facilities — all our dedicated facilities report for the first time More species — covering feeds for salmon, shrimp, tilapia and over 30 species in total More transparency — broader coverage brings increased supply chain visibility More trust — sustainability insights help the industry earn the trust of consumers globally Download Report The sustainability report is once again based on a value chain approach to sustainability, which broadens the perspective of sustainability beyond the direct impact of its operations and into the wider societal impacts.

If you are unable to upgrade your browser due to your operating system, you will need to visit your operating system providers website for information and support. From supporting the communities where our employees live and work to investing in the talent of the future and empowering women around the world, we aim to make a positive impact on society.

From the sales professionals who begin their careers and retire with us to our newest designers, we are proud of our employees and know that they share our collective values of respect, inclusiveness, excellence and responsibility.

You can also report your outage by calling the Report an Electric Outage contact numbers provided above. Please note that our corporate risk management assessment appears in our Financial Report.

The link will direct you to the browser's website where you will be able to complete your browser upgrade. For Stora Enso's previous sustainability reports, other annual reporting, and our Interim Reports, see our download centre. The report outlines what Cargill Aqua Nutrition is doing more of to support sustainable growth, as well as how better practices are applied across its operations.

Order a printed copy You can order a free printed copy of the Sustainability Report here. Why do I need to update my browser? No Who should report?This Report provides a summary of activities in fiscal year Find information on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) reporting.

Sustainability Report Review Panel. A Review Panel of independent experts helps us to evaluate the quality and credibility of the annual sustainability report and recommends improvements.

Sustainability – our approach. Environment. Communities. Safety. Transparency. Sustainability Report and reported to the highest governance body according to their relevance.

Inthe Chief Operating Officers (COOs) of the EMEA, NAFTA and LATAM regions and their functional reports were updated by the Sustainability Team on results of Stakeholder Engagement Events.

The Hitachi Sustainability Reportwhich presents non-financial information with an emphasis on comprehensiveness and searchability, is available for download (A4 format, pages).

Make a Lasting Impact

This annual report targets specialists and those highly interested in CSR. Highlights. Our Sustainability Report includes our approach and the activities we undertake, through a sustainable lens, to ensure we bring our purpose to life in sustaining the long-term prosperity of.

Sustainability Report. Integrating corporate management and sustainable development is an issue of increasing importance in the business world, amid increasing expectations for .

A report on the sustainability of
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